Jessica W: Published Writer, Sensitivity Reader, Foodie, TV/Film Extra, and Producers' Assistant

 August 2023- Re-worked and re-written

Credit: Refinery29

Being unemployed is quite a common situation for many young people on graduation from university. She once wrote a piece for Refinery29 called, "How I Lied My Way into New York's Most Exclusive Parties". 

The title speaks for itself really. Jessica was 22 and had a lot of time of her hands. Therefore, along with a friend she thought why not have some fun and try to crash VIP parties? After all, they both lived in New York. 

Jessica is a close friend of mine who I speak to everyday. We met in Paris when we were both English language assistants in 2019-2020. 

Photo credit: Libby Crozier

Jessica's written work has been published by Time Out New York and Time Out London, for the later where she flew to London to experience an immersive theatre piece to then go home to review it.

In addition, Jess is sometimes a production assistant but is usually working extra on TV and film. She has also edited books and is a sensitivity reader.

I often tell her I wish I had her life because it is so cool but she usually just responds with, "it's not a big deal".

Photo credit: Jessica W

That was her response when I became ecstatic when she sent me a message, "Brad Pitt and George Clooney are standing in front of me," sending me a screenshot of herself on the original "Law and Order" as a member of the jury (where she was also told off by an actor because she was so tired from shooting and yawned), more messages that "Brad Pitt just ran by us and waved but I was on Twitter," being a witch in "Hocus Pocus 2," and yet, get this... she never even watched the original!

"It's not that cool, Libby. They have good food though".

Photo credit: Jessica W
A serious jury member

Jess has also worked on a spin-off of a very popular series Sex and the City from the late 1990s- early 200s and mentioned yesterday she could maybe get nose bleed tickets to the Academy Awards. Again she said, "it's really not that exciting".

Manifest Finale 2 - Once she was on a set and the man next to her suddenly disappears into dust! She needs to act incredibly shocked... but there are really just some ashes dramatically tossed in the air in front of her surprised face and a pile of ashes left on his empty seat.

Once, I called her and she was doing a late-night shoot and was on a big office set where she was required to run back and forth with a coffee cup. Succession

Jessica states the best part is being fitted in intricate costumes and the make-up. 

She enjoys sometimes being a production assistant. Her duties include trying to keep crowds calm and away from set. touching things. Cleaning, interpreting, blocking the street, pay businesses,.

Jess gives me tips on films not in cinema yet. TV and film, free screenings. 

We met in Paris at a NYE party, in which I slipped on ice and broke my wrist (story for another time). In fact, here it is!

One time, she invited me to a "Phantom of the Opera" themed escape game at the actual Palais Garnier, where the original novel, films and musical are set! (Please see above photos and video below). We weren't very good at the game...

This was because she was offered tickets. Apparently, this happens all the time.

Video credit: Libby Crozier
At The Phantom of the Opera Escape Game: Random Performance in the Auditorium

Jess is a foodie and we explored restaurants together, often with a theme. Sensitivity writing. 

She doesn't consider herself to be a writer either despite being published repeatedly and internationally.

I said I would want to write about her but Jessica has said repeatedly that I could do that but... 


"My life is pretty boring though".


Photo credits: Jessica W

** Jess still says she doesn't understand why anyone would be interested in reading about her life.