Host a Sister Success Stories



Here I include some success stories of various sisters using the Host a Sister Platform

Thank you to those who shared their stories.

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From Finland to Tanzania, Italy to Australia, and Austria to France...
Here are the amazing stories that resulted from the creation of "HOST A SISTER".
I previously wrote an article interviewing co-founder, Rashvinda Kaur and this leads on from that.

Enjoy this article because these women experienced extraordinary life experiences through the creation of new friendships to truly become "sisters".

"I came back last week from a wonderful trip to Finland. I was supposed to travel solo but thanks to this group, I was able to join/be joined by 2 wonderful ladies, Pe Doe and Pei Xuan Toh.
I can tell you right now that they absolutely made my holiday, and it would have not been the same without them.
On day 1, Petra and Xuan came to pick me up from Rovaniemi Airport and then we started our journey to Luosto, where our Airbnb was. The wooden cottage was absolutely magical and we had the best evening ever, which included glass igloos on a frozen lake, and morning ventures surrounded by nothing other than trees, snow and a beautiful sunrise.


We then made our way to Levi, a beautiful ski resort, and that's when the funniest thing happened to us. In an attempt to take pictures of wild reindeers, the car went into a ditch and got stuck in snow for 20 minutes: 7 people, 2 pairs of frozen hands and 1 shovel did the trick and we were finally able to proceed with our journey. That evening we cooked dinner together, spent some time in the sauna and had an impromptu bikini photo shoot outside in the snow.
The following morning, we booked a last minute husky safari and ride, which was so much fun... but wow, was it cold?! We saw lots of arctic animals, including foxes, huskies and reindeers. The husky ride around the frozen lake was beautiful, and we had a chance to pet and feed the reindeers too! From there we then traveled down south, to our final destination, where it all started... Rovaniemi aka Santa Klaus home!

We stayed in a cottage a bit further out from the city center in the hope of seeing the aurora borealis, but no luck. We spent our last evening together and that's when I realised that it was all coming to an end.
We had dinner together at a local restaurant and the following morning we made a quick stop at the Santa Klaus Village before dropping Xuan off at the airport.
It felt weird just being the 2 of us but nonetheless we really enjoyed the remainder of the trip. That afternoon we managed to meet up with another sister from the group, Fatimah Keshinro. She is an amazing travel content creator (Instagram: @Travelstoriesbyfatimah).

We spent the afternoon together and did a reindeer ride, which once again was nothing short of breathtaking; we then ended the day in a restaurant with lots of yummy food. In the night Petra and I had another impromptu moment, and we ventured outside in the woods in the middle of the night, once again in the hope to see the aurora, which didn't show up but the moon that night was just wow!!
The following morning was the longest and shortest day of my trip, having to pack my suitcase and make my way to the airport was really really hard. I was able to fight back the tears as I said goodbye to Petra with a promise to see each other very very soon, and plan another trip together.
To all of you ladies, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Words can't even express my gratitude for giving me the best memories after a very difficult year I had.

Thank you and cheers to more travels in 2023
Gee x "

Caitlion O Hunter

"I connected with sister, Julieta Mateos through Host a Sister and she was able to provide me with amazing photographs for my wedding
This group brings all of us together in amazing ways!"

photo credit: Julieta Mateos


"Last summer I spent a couple of wonderful days with host sister, Ekeney Najau at her house.

She showed me the African way of life, spoiled me with delicious home made food and took me on unforgettable tours like:

A walking safari, hikes through the lush rainforest at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro and other once-in-a-lifetime experiences such as visiting her Chagga tribe and a Masaai village.

She is a mountain guide working in all-female teams and could even take you up Kilimanjaro."


"Sitting in the Florence airport waiting for my flight home to Montana... Nine weeks of travel in Central Europe gone in a flash. 
I spent the last nine days/ten nights of travel with Aussie beauty Melissa in Italy.  We connected on Host a Sister and spent an incredible week and a half together exploring Rome, Cinque Terre, and Florence and other parts of Tuscany.   
I was immensely grateful for her camaraderie and good humor during our time together.  Ten days ago we were strangers; now we are friends for life. I am already looking forward to a future visit to Australia. "


"The beautiful soul, Aline welcomed me into her beautiful home in Australia, where we laughed, cried and adventured. We even got iron infusions together (seriously- we both happened to be critically low on iron- talk about timing). We went on a van trip with her beautiful dog Kiki. We celebrated my 26th birthday at Easter, during a pink full moon and bought a car! We did two huge photoshoots, talked about our travel stories, hopes and our dreams. 
Aline, I will forever be grateful for you and our Australian adventure together. You are such an inspiring human being! Thank you for so generously welcoming me into your home & heart! You always are welcome to come stay with me!
Sending a huge thank you to Host A Sister! What a beautiful platform! I’ve connected already with so many incredible women from around the world by being in this group! I can’t wait to meet more of you amazing souls!
If you’re ever in New Zealand, let me know! I just arrived and I will be here for a year!"

Photo credit: supplied

Photo credit: supplied


"I spent 6 cozy nights with my wonderful host, Andrea Pirker. When I arrived, she offered me pasta and red wine. I will always remember our meaningful chats: personal stories, sightseeing and our trip to France. Andrea lives in the "French" quarter of Vienna and took me to her favorite French shop and winery.
Thank you so much."


"SIX former strangers from SIX different countries spent a Canadian Christmas together at my house in St Cezaire Sur Siagne in France thanks to the Host a Sister platform! It was awesome!"

Photo: supplied

Photo: April Inglis

Photo: April Inglis