Libby Crozier Personalised Hand Holding Service for Those Wishing to Move to France


I am now offering a limited (in terms of only able to handle a small client load) hand holding service for expats wishing to move to France, where the bureaucracy is famous for being incredibly overwhelming and difficult to navigate.

I am targeting Australians especially but can assist other nationalities and backgrounds. I have assisted many Americans and dual Australian/EU.

I have dual EU citizenship and therefore I am very familiar with the processes/exemptions for those who also have an EU status.

I am also able to proofread, edit, re-write, and translate documents from English to French, especially cover letters, CVs, and applications.

However, I will need to refer you to one of the traducteurs/traductrices assermenté(e)s who I am acquainted with for official documents ie. visas, birth certificates, and university diplomas/transcripts.

This will be linked to my personal website/blog rather than my writing business under the "Bureaucracy" section.

Please contact me directly on: