Hungry Expatriates in Paris


Hungry Expatriates in Paris

"Hungry Expatriates in Paris" is a group for foodies in Paris on Facebook.

What really is beautiful about Paris is that it attracts people from all over the world for various reasons, whether it be employment, learning French, those simply passing through and a very good reason... LOVE

We are an expat community dedicated to food in Paris and its suburbs. French people are welcome too.

We organise restaurant dinners and lunches to discover new spots. We exchange our food culture and experience.
You can also ask any question about food, such as: where to buy an ingredient in Paris or where to eat a typical dish…
We organise language dinners (French, Spanish…) to practise and learn around a meal.
We also organise jams and karaoke picnics events outdoors.
So, if you are as hungry as us, feel free to join.  Your wallet will be sad but your belly will be in heaven ! 


Created by Malik Boukroufa, the premise of the group is for expatriates (and French natives) to come together and enjoy the culinary delights in the City of Lights. 

The group is a space in which members are able to ask for advice on the best restaurants according to cuisine, special occasions as well as meeting up/events.

The group boasts over 9,000 members and posts regular lunch and dinner events at various restaurants. Recently, members are taking turns to host people at their home, often showcasing a variety of meals originating from their particular background in their home, which also allows for sharing dishes from their countries of origin. This allows for a more intimate setting with fewer people.

There are the opportunities for those with businesses- either they run restaurants or cafes, have a chocolatier workshops or are personal chefs. Everyone is welcome to post events or advertise their services. Many photos are shared with the group. 

I first became aware of the group when I attended a Swedish picnic in Parc Monceau for a Swedish-American friend. We both had met whilst I was travelling through Montpellier earlier that summer. I had been hosted by a lovely French lady called Laurence, who already knew Sara. One evening, she invited her around and we enjoyed a wonderful dinner in the balmy summer air.


The outcome: Not only make new connections and friendships over a love of food and Paris

If you are in Paris and would like to not only meet other people but explore different cuisines and restaurants in the city, search for the group on Facebook:

Facebook- "Hungry Expatriates in Paris- Foodies"