Jonathan Jardin and "Melbourne Coffee"

Exciting News: Melbourne Coffee has just turned FIVE years old! 

What a perfect time to write a feature on my blog.


Jonathan Jardin

Owner of Melbourne Coffee

Photo Credit: Libby Crozier
Melbourne Coffee, Nantes

When I am not living in France, I always want to stay connected to French culture. Participating in conversation exchange has been an amazing way to not only maintain and improve my French but also to make French friends.

Jonathan was my language conversation buddy! We met several years ago and would catch up regularly and take turns speaking French and English. This way we were assisting each other to improve our respective second language. Jonathan had come to Australia on a working holiday visa and had already completed his 188 days of "farm work" to get a second year. 

We formed a solid friendship from these regular sessions. We went out together with each others' friends, went to French festivals including the Bastille Day celebrations at South Melbourne Market, where there we were surrounded by delicious food (read: with cheese), vin chaud or mulled wine, and joyous singing! La Marseillaise included, of course!

My friendship with Jonathan and his French friends meant that I was not only having fun and meeting new friends but I was able to somewhat still immerse myself in French culture whilst in my own country.

Photo Credit: Libby Crozier
Having fun in Australia (yes, in that one it was Easter)... and Nantes (top left)

Jonathan held many different jobs in areas that he probably would not have had the opportunity (or even thought about) had he remained in France. His English also improved drastically as he was working with Australians and was motivated to explore the Australian culture.

In Melbourne, Jonathan took a barista training course (including coffee art) to be qualified to work as one.

Photo Credits: Jonathan Jardin

After some time living in Melbourne, Jonathan moved to Perth because he wanted to explore other parts of Australia. It is difficult when you travel so far - in this case to the other side of the world (!) -  and to not want to see everything that is there to offer. 

I went to Perth for a few days and we created some lovely memories where he was living in Cottesloe. We enjoyed being located so close to the beach and went to a seafood festival in Fremantle with other friends. I was even treated to a crepe party! 

All of us being young and free ran into the dark waters of Cottesloe one night! But it was summer and we were definitely making the most of it. 

In the end, there was regret about leaving Melbourne and the life there. Then he had to go home to France as had been planned.


Photo Credit: Libby Crozier
Out the front

On his return to France, Jonathan settled in Nantes. He then purchased an espresso machine for his home. Countless hours were spent in his kitchen perfecting his craft and coffee art.

As he was thinking about opening his own café, he worked and saved as much as he could until he could bring his dream to fruition. 

"My inspiration was Melbourne's coffee scene. I reflected for a long time about the name but in the end, it was so easy"


"Melbourne Coffee" is simplistic but memorable. It also reflects Jonathan's particular love for the city.

Photo Credits: Instagram @melbournecoffeenantes

I am extremely proud of my friend, Jonathon and what he has achieved. I have certainly seen how hard he has worked with my own eyes. 
He started by himself and today he has a whole team that he works with. They have even gone surfing together. Talk about a great team building exerciseJonathan has even gone to Colombia and explored the renowned coffee culture there.

Photo Credit: Libby Crozier

"Yam," the cat

In Australia, where I see Melboourne as being the coffee capital, we are so particular about how we like our coffee and what milk is used. The options of what type of coffee are endless. 

Good coffee is definitely hard to find in France. In France, if you were to ask for a "coffee," you will receive an espresso automatically. In Melbourne, you will be asked, "...but what kind of coffee would you like?"

If my mum would ask for her usual 'long weak black, not too hot with extra hot milk on the side' in... Paris. Well, you can only imagine the kind of looks and confusion she would receive. Let alone someone asking for an "extra hot, double shot flat white with soy milk," I actually feel the likelihood of receiving dirty looks would be rather high.

Photo Credit: Libby Crozier
The iconic blue Melbourne bicycle helmet. Brought from Australia in "someone's" suitcase on a visit, hehe

One day, I spontaneously took a BlaBla care from Bordeaux all the way to Nantes, where Jonathan met me. I also go to meet his cat! 

I had to see Melbourne Coffee, where so much love, work, and sacrifice was put into.

I had been living in Paris. Jonathan cheerfully served me a latte and it tasted of home! It was the first real coffee I had had in about two years. I had also chosen a slice of carrot cake and I actually believe that I was so taken aback by its authenticity and deliciousness that I exclaimed this with my mouth still half full! 

In France, the idea of brunch is a pastry, an orange juice, a coffee (aka an espresso or long black) and perhaps a soft-boiled egg. Not an Australian idea of brunch at all, a sacred meal!

Photo Credits: Jonathan Jardin

Jonathan also makes familiar delicacies treasured dearly by all Australians such as lamingtons, sausage rolls, carrot cake, red velvet cake, and serves a very Australian-style brunch. Just like what you would find in Melbourne. Jonathan also makes sure that there are special menus and makes an extra Aussie one for Australia Day.

Photo Credits: Jonathan Jardin

Jonathan has also talked to me about how much he values other cafés in Nantes and maintaining friendly relationships with them. To me, he genuinely cares about these connections between people and sharing of experiences.

By seeing Jonathan in France over the years, although not often, I have observed the relationships that he has with his friends and family. He is seemingly adored by everyone and it is lovely to see. His sister, Vanessa has also made sure to keep in touch since meeting me in 2017. Jonathan is a lovely person and this is conveyed into his business and the treatment of each and every customer who passes through the door.

* I know that I am a very honest person and I would definitely have to say that if Jonathan was not a friend of mine and we had never met, that I would readily recommend "Melbourne Coffee" to anyone. I have done this and I have had friends visit, as well as people I don't know to positive reviews back to me!

Photo Credits: Jonathan Jardin
Jonathan's passion for coffee has had him going to places like Columbia

Additional Information:

Address: Quartier Cité des Congrès
                    4 rue Jemmapes, 44000 Nantes

Phone: +33 02 28 44 23 07 

Photo Credit: Libby Crozier
"Oh, I didnt see you there"

Oops, another one. Sorry, I couldn't resist