Nouilles Ceintures



("Belt Noodles" in English)

Photo Credit: Nouilles Ceintures. Collage by Libby Crozier
IG: @nouilles_ceintures with only the top right photo credited to IG: @hanamorifood

How incredible do these noodles look? 
Despite the name referring to the widest noodles on offer, they do actually also make a variety beginning from small to extra large. Spinach noodles are also a popular choice. The style of cuisine on offer originates from China (Xi'an Provence) and all of the noodles are made fresh, by hand, and before the customers.

As stated on their website:
"Spécialisé dans la cuisine de la province du Xi'an, en Chine Nouilles Ceintures vise à la fois à honorer et à élever la tradition culinaire chinoise des nouilles faites à la main".
Nouilles Ceintures states that their restaurant honours the tradition of handmade noodles that are truly specialised in Xi'an Provence.

Video Credit: @nouilles_ceintures

My friend Soojin had told me about this restaurant and I had seen some photos. I am always keen to check out new restaurants in Paris. To be honest, I was (and still am not) particularly familiar with the quartier where Nouilles Ceintures finds itself so it was quite the little adventure.

This visit was in the months before the pandemic struck. Nouilles Ceintures had opened up the previous year.

I was rather excited as I have not yet eaten such wide noodles. I mostly have a penchant for thinner noodles such as hokkein and Singapore style noodles along with ramen, and of course Korean ramyun.
All rather thin in comparison!

Photo Credit: @minasndrm
I love this photo

Video Credit: @nouilles_ceintures

What I really loved was that we were able to watch the noodles being made handmade in the open-style kitchen as well as the extreme speed in which each meal was served.

The restaurant is quite small, and therefore we did feel like we received personalised service.

Video Credit: @nouilles_ceintures

They also offer vegetarian options.

Photo Credit: Soojin Jeong

This is one very happy Libby. 

Anyone who knows me is very well aware about my love for 


Photo Credit: Libby Crozier

I decided to include the menu on here but if you go onto their website (see below), they also include a more detailed list of special meal deals.

The menu is amazing, affordable, and great value. There are also menu deals where you may add beverages along with your main meal, etc.

Photo Credit: Nouilles Ceintures website


Address: 69 Rue du Faubourg Poissonnière, 75009 Paris, France

Métros: "Cadet" and "Poissonnière"