Netflix's "The Ultimatum France" - An Interview with French Reality TV star, Richy!


Our interview was in French but I translated Richy's answers and kept my questions in both languages as it was easier and more clear to read

My questions are in BLACK (Original French) and BLUE (My English translation from FRENCH).

Richy's answers are in RED, which I have translated from French into English

Photo: provided by Richy
Ils sont mignons ensemble, j'adore!

Bonjour Richy.
Avant tout, je voudrais te dire que je suis hyper contente que tu puisses me parler aujourd’hui. 
Pour moi, tu étais ma personne préférée avec ta gentillesse et authencité.

Before we start, I want to tell you just how happy I am that you are speaking with me today. For me, you were my favourite person on the show with your kindness and authenticity.


Avant que j’ai regardé l’émission française, je n’ai jamais regardé la version originale. 
En fait, je n’aime pas trop beaucoup des versions Américaines !

Before I watched the French program, I had never seen the original American show. Actually, I don't like a lot of American versions of TV shows.

J’ai vu sur Netflix que l’émission était dans le Top 10 en Australie ! Comment tu te sens en le savant ? 
C’est loin de la France. Ça fait 24 heures dans 2 avions pour moi d’aller en France de l’Australie !

I saw on Netflix that the show was in the TOP 10 in Australia! How does that make you feel knowing this? It takes 24 hours for me to go to France from Australia!

I am so happy to know that the show has been well distributed overseas and in Australia, which has a big French community.

Credit: Netflix

Est-ce que tu peux nous dire la raison pour laquelle vous étiez dans l’Ultimatum ? 
C’était un choix pour qui? Qu’est-ce que c’est les désaccords/problèmes avant qui ne peuvent pas être resolvés ?

Vous étiez ensemble combien de temps ?

Can you tell us the reason that you were on "The Ultimatum"? Whose choice was it? How long had you been together?

Catherine gave me the ultimatum. We had been together for two years.

Avant, comme c’était la décision de Catherine tu étais content avant l’émission ? 
Tu as senti comment quand tu as appris ce qu’elle a fait ?

As it was Catherine's decision, were you happy with going through with this?

I was very content to do this experience whatever was going to happen, having grow as a person and so it was very positive.

Tu étais « en équipe » avec Lindsay, une fille à mon avis adorable pendant l’expérience sans Catherine.

You were teamed up with Lindsay, an adorable girl in my opinion during the experience.

Pour ce que j’ai vu de toi et Lindsay, tu as montré le soin pour elle, que tu voulais le meilleur pour elle en la donner plein d’avis. 
Est-ce que tu penses que tu as fait le bon choix ? Moi, j’étais tellement déçue avec sa décision.

You showed care for Lindsay and you wanted the best for her by giving her lots of advice about her relationship with Scott.

I was disappointed with her decision.

Tu as le type d’ami que tout le monde doivent avoir dans leurs vies ! On a tous besoin d'avoir un Richy dans nos vies!

Everyone needs a friend like you, We all need a Richy in our lives!

Credit: Netflix
Catherine was paired with Sophianne (right)

Credit: Leisurebyte

Credit: Netflix
Richy was paired with Lindsay (right) who was in a relationship with Scott

I think I made the good choice of being with Lindsay as my partner. Every man needs to see life from another perspective like we did. 

Pendant les semaines, est-ce que tu avais peur de perdre Catherine ?

During these weeks away from each other, did you fear losing Catherine?

During these few weeks, yes I was scared of losing Catherine because I was reflecting. I was asking myself if I really should finish the relationship with her or remain single. So it was stressful.

Credit: Netflix

Richy, as-tu toujours vis dans la région Parisienne ?

Have you always lived in Paris?

Yes, I have always lived in Paris ❤️

Qu’est-ce que tu fais dans la vie ?

What do you do in "real life"

I work as a SNCF agent.

Est-ce que tu peux me donner un peu de ton histoire avec Catherine avant l’émission ?

Can you give me a bit of history with Catherine before going on the show?

Catherine and I met each other through a mutual friend. she didn’t want me in the beginning! But on seeing me more, she changed her mind !


Et aujourd’hui ? C’est comment la vie ? Que-ce que vous faites comme loisirs ?

And now? How is life going? What do both of you do together for hobbies?

Today, we are very happy because we are finally living together now. We can now spend nights together when travelling. * This was due to Catherine' family beliefs
Our hobbieS are to go to restaurants, go to museums, walk around Paris, cinema and shopping.

Dans quelques mots, dis-moi ce que tu as appris pendant cette expérience ? 
Qu’est-ce que tu penses était porté à votre relation ? 
Penses-tu que sans l’Ultimatum que vous pourriez être si stable ?

In a few words, tell me what you learned from this experience.

What did it bring to your relationship?

Do you think without "The Ultimatum: that you would be so stable together today?

From this experience, I learned it is necessary to be open to people and to demonstrate to Catherine that I love her with more energy and enthusiasm. 
I believe that her giving me the ultimatum made us happier today.


Ça fait combien du temps depuis la fin du tournage- avant le dernier épisode ? 
Et la réunion à la fin ?

How long has it been since you finished filming the last episode of "The Ultimatum' and the reunion?

It has been 8 months since we finished filming the show.

Est-ce que Catherine est errr… plus rangée ?

Has Catherine become... more tidy?

Catherine is really messy and we cannot change that for now. She tries to organise more now... and then hopefully with time, I think she will change.


En gros, je suis heureuse que vous soyez toujours ensemble et se sont mariés. 

All up, I am happy that you are both still together and got married.

Vous été tous les deux chanceux d’avoir l’un et l’autre.

You both are lucky to have each other.
Et comme j’ai demandé autant de questions, dis-moi s’il y a aussi quelques choses que tu voudrais dire ? 
Ou dire à l’audience en Australie ?

Seeing that I have asked you so many questions, can you tell me if there is anything that you would like to say? 

Or to tell the Australian audience?

I want to thank the Australians for watching our program and to recognise our relationship, to send us all these messages giving us so much love, it is incredible. 
Thank you Libby and I hope that one day we will come to Australia. Kisses to all my Australians 😘

Il faut que vous viennent un jour !

You need to come to Australia one day!
Je te remercie pour votre temps ! Ça me touche.

Thank you so much for your time! The gesture really touches me.


Credit: Ayther


Ricby has been really lovely and responsive to be as a fan of the show on Netflix. I really enjoyed watching the show. I really like French versions of TV programs.

It was nice to also watch the show (as it was filmed in Paris) with such an amazing backdrop! I could watch and know exactly where in tje city they were.

I found that Richy's overall character during the experiment was the one who showed the biggest heart. He was with Catharine as his girlfriend who wanted to get engaged/married and so gave the ultimatum. He was partnered with Lindsay who had/has major issues with her very long-term boyfriend, Scott.

Richy- as Lindsay's partner in the experiment was lovely as well and it was great they decided to be in a team together. Richy was able to see what it would be like in a relationship with someone else. One issue being Catherine's habit of being not only messy... but SUPER messy. Like Richy, Lindsay is an absolute clean freak. You can see this when they are laughing, dancing around their apartment, cleaning products in hand. They are so happy!

Lindsay is someone who needs a lot of TLC. Richy provides her with this.
You see more and more of Richy's wonderful personality coming out, providing her comfort and a listening ear. He is also observant and provided his honest advice and opinion, which many people would lack the courage for, especially not being existing close friends.
It is difficult for friend a in general if you feel that their relationship is toxic.

Doing an experiment such as being on the show really does put things into perspective. For both Richy AND  Catherine. Like Catharine said, she gave him the ultimatum because she wanted to make him afraid of losing her.
However in the end it was Catherine who seemed more and more afraid of actually losing him!

Richy was able to do some reflection of his own. Problems being his fear of her messiness and seeming chaos engulfing her!
But then you begin to wonder... exactly what is that important?
That love you share, the idea of a future together? Are there things small in the scheme of things?

There was also the issue of Catherine's family who wanted for her to be married to live together etc, which is what most couples do prior to marriage.  Then you also experience what it is like to live with them everyday.
This is also a major, if not TGE most major reason Catherine wanted to get married. She loved him so much but wanted to have that special bond and wake up next to him each day.

Catherine was paired with Sophianne, who in my opinion was perfect in terms of providing her with an example of what she doesn't want. If you compare Sophianne and Richy, it is ridiculous.
There is NO comparison whatsoever.

In the end, I an glad they did what they did. Richy was my number one favourite person for his beautiful personality and genuine nature. Catherine is very lucky to have in and I cannot be any more grateful that Richy took the time to sit and speak with me all the way in AUSTRALIA!!!

How lovely is that?!

I recommend to all the Netflix series. Although this article has a lot of spoilers in regards to THIS relationship, there are so many other couples and therefore, it is definitely worth watching the entire show on Netflix. It should be available in all countries. 

I recommend!!