Website Re-Vamp


Credit: Christian Moreno

I have decided to take a new direction with this now very outdated blog.
For as long as I can remember, I have loved to write; whether it be for pleasure such as blogging or writing creative pieces. It is a wonderful form of expression
I decided to write about my second home. I have always felt very comfortable in France despite the difficulties, namely administration and the language.
Paris in many ways is simply just another big city. But it is seen by so many outside of France as this wonderful, almost out of reach place. In reality, this is not the case.
It is magical and it is belle. I will later on write about some of the difficulties of coming to and living in France, particularly Paris.
But for an expat, it is very difficult to adjust and to live here. It takes a lot of time, A LOT of paperwork and a need to speak the language in order for you  
Are the clichés true? Mmm... oui et non.


Credit: Anne-Marie Trang

So, let's have some fun and let me share with you some très authentique moments together.

From the Pont des Arts- Credit: Christian Moreno