This section will document various occupations in France

Moving From South Korea to Paris to work in International Relations with Soojin Jeong

Picnic in the Bois de Bologne, August 2019
Photo credit: Soojin Jeong


I was employed here:
The boutique on Boulevard Saint Germain in the 6th

Photo: Fusalp
They collaborated with Chloé, which was pretty cool

I was not particularly looking for another job to supplement my work for the Academy of Paris when a very kind friend (from Japan! Also from French class at the Alliance Francaise de Paris in 2012) contacted me out of the blue. She had previously worked at Saint Laurent and was currently at Moncler and had spoken to one of her ex-managers who in turn was now employed at Fusalp.

We were put in contact and I met him for an interview near to the opening of the new Fusalp boutique on Boulevard Beaumarchais. 

Unfortunately, I could not attend said party... which was a shame as Sophie Lacoste of well... "Lacoste" (so this means celebrities and the elite) were there. 

It could have been some fun! Haha

So, this manager said he was considering me for the boutique on Rue Saint Honoré 

(Oh, hello! Very swish-swish)

Then he looks at me and says;

"Actually, no. You are SO Saint Germain"

Ummm... what does that even mean?!

Do I look less fancy or something? What? Tell me!

P.s Re: The party- "Lacoste" owns the brand so it makes sense!