My Experience Teaching in Paris

Lycée Corbon


I had been in the UK for awhile (prior to my exchange) when I decided that it was not the place for me.

My close Canadian friend Alannah was in France and I had not seen her in 5 years! 

It is different seeing someone in person than frquently being in touch by message. 

We talked when I was in Leeds and we both expressed later on about how strange it was to hear each other's voices and especially the accents!


I emailed the Academie de Paris with an expression of interest for local recruits to the program. I was met with enthusiasm.

I emailed on a Tuesday and by Thursday afternoon, I had met with the people responsible for the program and signed the contracts on the spot.

I was to teach in a middle school and a high school in the 15th arrondissement. I knew the area inside out so i was very happy.