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Photo credit: Toby Graham

Graduate of the prestigious Cours Florent Paris
French actor and comedian 


This will be an incredibly large section due to the cinemas at ones' disposal and the accessibility of attending premieres with the whole team (actors, producers, writers and directors), not only French stars but also Anglophones.


Catherine Frot: One of my favourite French actresses. I spoke to her afterwards at this premiere.

Catherine Frot

The last premiere I went to was with Catherine Frot


Edward Norton at the Paris premiere of his first film as director and actor: speaking about his film and the connection between American and French cinema

I have also been to premieres over the years with Mark Wahlberg and...

My favourite, Isabelle Huppert


My favourite cinema in Paris is "Le Christine", which is owned by French acting royalty, Isabelle Huppert! (Actually run by her son)

 I saw Isabelle Huppert casually drinking coffee opposite Le Christine whilst queuing for tickets at the box office. I was freaking out in my head "Isabelle Huppert is just THERE!" but in Paris, no one seems to bother the French celebrities and allow them to go about their daily lives, which is nice. No silly requests for selfies!

Gone with the Wind at "Le Christine"

I was the only one in the cinema for "Gone With The Wind". In Melbourne, when I saw it at "The Astor," it was completely full!

I also attended cinema clubs discussions at the Charlie Chaplin Cinema by the Eiffel Tower, where longtime residents would reminisce about their memories of Paris during the period in which the film was set. For example, "Cleo From 5 to 7". The patrons could tell the younger ones what Paris was like, the effects of the Algerian War, the protests, that they remember riding those old-fashioned buses or what store used to be where a cafe is now.



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- "Witness for the Prosecution"

When I was in London in late July, I went to see "Witness for the Prosecution". Above, I have added a link to my review.