The Case of Being Chatted Up When Innocently Putting on my Sandals on a Bench at the Beach in Antibes by a Guy on the bench next to me who was Eating a Baguette of the salad variety for his lunch

Sometimes you want to do your thing but then someone starts talking to you. And being awkward, you know where this conversation is leading to but can't say anything. Because that would be rude.

Yeah, it was one of those but this guy kept talking for so darn long. 

Photo credit: Libby Crozier
Wonderful Antibes, where I was living

I often would go for a swim in the morning due to the Summer crowds. However this was now September. Schools had gone back on the 5th and I had gone to the closest beach to the apartment, Le Salis. I really enjoy being in the water. I have never been one to be lying on the sand sunbathing. I am very aware of my skin and don't want to suffer being burnt, although this does happen just during the day if I do not wear sunscreen.

Anyway, I also like to read and having a beach umbrella meant that I could go relax underneath it shielded from the sun and also from some of the heat. I spent some time reading that day and then when I felt ready to leave, I packed everything up- just the umbrella, stuck on a light dress and walked over to one of the benches that overlook the beach and Old Antibes.

There was a man enjoying his lunch on the bench beside me. I was simply trying to do up my sandals so that I could walk home.

Suddenly, he says:


Already I am thinking, "oh no... No, no, please, no. Let me go home".

He continues asking if I am from Antibes and I say no, I am from Australia but living here. It is really easy to sense where this is going, and I feel that a lot of females could relate to this.

He comes over and tries to make conversation and I am feeling uncomfortable but I also didn't want to be rude. He seems nice enough but really, I am just ready to go home and was probably a bit hungry myself. I don't understand how he can not see my eyes awkwardly darting around like, "someone help me!".

This man really liked to talk and he was trying to get to know me. I just wanted the conversation to end. Eventually, I managed to squeeze in, "I'm sorry but I have a boyfriend". He looked at me and sighed saying, "oh well" and I wished him a good day and power-walked as fast as I could (upwards, mind you... ok fine, just a slight incline) home.

I was just thinking, as it was the same week as being asked on a date after being sh@t on by a pigeon if really there was something in the Antibois water. 

Why doesn't this happen when I am single? 

Not that I am particularly interested in these fellows, but in our digital age with all the dating apps, I find it preferable to meet someone in person. 

You know... the way it used to be... when people approached each other to ask them out on a date!