The Case of the sleazy guy in the cheese aisle of the supermarket in Toulon

It started out an ordinary day in Toulon. Alas, it was not to end that way.

I left the Airbnb that I was staying in before I went to the local Monoprix. As usual (just like in the wine aisle everywhere), I stood there looking at the enormous choices available to me. 
Then who appeared?
An older man who found my perplexed look quite amusing. He turned and looked at the cheese too. He giggled as he did so.
Then I said"
"Gee, it is so difficult to choose, isn't it? There are so many" 
Again, the man laughed obviously seeing I was a foreigner and asked:
"What are you looking for?"
I said:
"Oh, I don't know. I am so indecisive. I might be here awhile"
I laughed.
Then the guy turned completely to face me and edged slightly closer. Of course, Libby did not enjoy her personal space being invaded.
"No. What... are you looking for?"
OH... OH!! I see.
We have ourselves some perverted man trying to pick me up for various sexual escapades in a supermarket in front of the beloved cheeses revered by an entire nation.
I felt so lucky. Again.

Anyway, I was to meet Laetitia who was a member of the "Aussies in France" FB group and wanted to meet an Aussie as she was also planning on moving after finishing a Master's in Scotland.