The case of me breaking my wrist from too much champagne on nye and slipping on ice then matching with my gorgeous orthopedic surgeon (who had made me suddenly forget the pain when fixing me a cast a bit earlier)

Pre the breakage of mon bras:

Photo credit: is unfortunately all mine

My orthopaedic surgeon and I matched on the Bumble.

Would the conversation starter be something like:

"Hi there! Thank you so much for looking after me when I broke my wrist. I really admire the good job you did whilst putting on a fibre-glass cast. It really is very light and at the same time, very sturdy. In fact, so sturdy that I know for sure that my wrist will be protected for the six weeks it is repairing".

How romantic! 


To be fair, it was actually a very good job despite my awe and distraction as it was being applied. 

Also to be completely honest, the pain almost had me in tears in the waiting area (I have learned that I have an extremely high pain threshold and don't tend to have much of a reaction when an appendage is broken) and then I completely forgot about it once I entered the room. 

Note: The staff had also refused me any pain killers in case I had to have immediate surgery on review of my x-rays.

Yes, I do have photographic evidence of this handsome creature and his name but who on earth do you think I am? 

I am outraged and appalled you think I would betray his confidence. Humpf!

My medical certificate stating that I was unable to go to the gym (to suspend my membership) and inability to go to my place of work... for THREE months.
Photo Credit: Libby Crozier

In addition to the deep shame that I felt encompassed my entire being in the immediacy of the unfortunate event, I was also required to get a signed doctor's certificate to pause my gym membership for 3 months (!). 

It is also notable that with the first outbreak and lockdown in France, one was required to request the same gym to suspend their membership or still be charged as per situation "no-pandemic occurring" and "gyms not being forbidden".

NOTE: Oops, I totally forgot. Immediately following unfortunate moment that I slipped in a somewhat inelegant fashion, I had insisted I was fine after the humiliation and however many helped pick me off the ground. 

I took my friend Jess and went home where she was going to stay as she lived in the Parisian suburbs. I was trying to tell myself it wasn't so bad but for some reason I couldn't sleep so well.

In the morning, I still was thinking "this really hurts" then proceeded to make myself a sling out of a scarf (training to be a St John's Ambulance volunteer sure helped) then contemplated going to the hospital.

I didn't want to go so I contemplated this a long time. Finally, I decided I should get myself in an Uber and get over there but I had to talk myself into it.