The Case of Kind of Dating a needy French Guy who worked for the UN in Seoul, then UNESCO, then the french embassy in D.C and is in Paris again

No photos or names for obvious security and confidentiality reasons...

Not too shabby. French Embassy in Washington D.C

Boy, does Libby love telling her little stories! Well, I have tried to put it down to it being because I have travelled a lot and meet interesting people or something.

Anyway... so I'm in Seoul. We had just come out of "Ho Bar" number whatever it was. Oh, wait. No. It was "Mike's Cabin". We had been a big group of Korean adoptees on a night on the town. So, we leave together but we are sitting outside. I was sitting on a bench. There were French adoptees as a part of this group and they had some friend with them. A non-Korean French adoptee with a bunch of French Korean adoptees, you follow?

We end up talking and the next day we go on some date. I am tragically hung over. The funny thing however is that had I been drinking soju, I would not have a hangover at all. But I would likely have gone crazy and embarrassed myself like when I said to my friends that I would never be seen dead in a noraebang (the equivalent to karaoke) and I had drunk a lot of soju then had vivid memories of hogging the microphone at one of the biggest noraebangs in Hongdae singing to The Killer's Greatest Hits!

This Frenchie runs into a convenience store to buy me a tiny bottle of liquid (tasted really good by the way- Koreans believe in cures for things, such as hangovers). I actually believe it worked!

I diverge again. I apologise. Random Frenchman I meet on the streets of Seoul.

I got so close!

So this guy was super interesting. He was in Seoul studying and working at the United Nations. We talked a lot about this. However, he started to change the more we hung out together (I guess, dates?). He would do or say weird things or suddenly break out into song while we were eating and I was embarrassed. Later on, he said, "I don't know why but when I am around you I act weird. I don't act like myself". I told him just to be himself because I liked him that way. He also spoke Spanish as well as English and his native French, even teaching Spanish at one stage. 

He also missed France and baked baguettes and pastries. I feel a bit guilty about this and have ever since, but once he gave me 12 pistachio macaroons. So nice but Libby is not a huge fan of sweets or macaroons so I may have shared them... with another boy, Timmy).

We scheduled a date to see a French movie that was playing in Seoul. But on the day, he was not responding to my messages. My best friend in Korea at that time and I had talked in general terms about things since we both moved to Korea. I looked up to her because she did not get hung up on men. By this stage, I had lost quite a lot of interest in this French guy because of his behaviour and so I decided to go out and meet my friend to do something instead.

Later, I received a flutter of messages saying that he had "fallen asleep" and that he was sorry. It had been the middle of the day and I am all for naps. But I always set an alarm. Especially if I really was keen on someone, I would be there with bells on. He wanted to meet up again but I was busy with uni and friends. Life. At one stage, he had said that he was hiring interns at the United Nations who could speak both English and French, but I have always had a complex about seemingly using people and I knew that he was keen on me and I didn't want to benefit from that. I have regretted it though a lot.

Then he is going back to France for months to be with family. He missed France. Fair enough. He wanted to see me beforehand but I literally could not see him in that short period of time so he sends me a mean message saying:

"You know, I really liked you but now I am wondering why"


Then the next year, I have moved to Paris and somehow he is now working for UNESCO. That's cool. He tries to give me a tour of UNESCO. We walk up to the door and the guard just shakes his head. So tragic for me. Again, he is acting weirdly in public. I don't see him often.

This time I made it to this gate!

We then have an immature little argument because he thought I blocked him on Facebook. So we don't talk for YEARS!

Then he moves to Washington D.C to work at the French Embassy there. Apparently, he is back in Paris again at the French Embassy. I did speak to him briefly on LinkedIn about a year ago. He has done well and I am happy for him. I hope he has met someone nice and better suited. 

Apparently, I am also forgiven.