My Favourite Places to Eat in Paris


Please note that this section will be frequently updated and will later be expanded to other parts of France

Under Construction as each restaurant will have an article dedicated to it.

Below is rough!

Les Sans Culottes

I was waiting for my friend and the waiter comes over to talk so we have a nice chat. I had told him that I had broken up with my boyfriend 2 days ago as I was feeling "the oh no vibe" and he simply responds, "I was going to ask you out but I suppose 2 days is a bit soon. Hope to see you here another time".


Chez Pradel Bastille


Nouilles Ceintures

Le Brut

This one was UberEats!

Not bad, a lamb shank and champagne

Polpo Brasserie- in Levellois-Perret 


Breakfast in America

Eggs & Co



Melbourne Coffee