Watch This Space: Website Re-Vamp Coming


I have decided to take a new direction with this now very outdated blog.

I wish to concentrate more on the real adventures or aventures as per the website title in Paris because my friends find these constant stories very entertaining and with the popularity of shows such as "Emily in Paris," which I can appreciate for showing a large audience outside of France a romantic view of this beautiful city that is just overwhelmingly full of history.



But it is not realistic. "Mais pourquoi?" you ask. Well. Paris is just another big city. But again, no it is not. It is magical. It IS different. It is belle. But for an expat, it is very difficult to adjust and to live here. It takes a lot of time, A LOT of paperwork and a need to speak the language in order for you 


But do I think a starry-eyed American girl who speaks not a word of French would encounter this amount of romanceNo, I do not.


Are the clichés true? Mmm... oui et non.


So, let's have some fun and let me share with you some très authentique moments together.

From the Pont des Arts