24 May 2020

How Do I Move To France?

Deciding to move to France is an overwhelming thought. There are so many things to consider.

"How do I get a visa?"

"How difficult will it be to live in France if I don't speak French well enough?"

For me and like many other people, my dream was to live in Paris.

On my 21st birthday, my parents bought me a trip to the UK and to Paris. And walking around with my dad down the cobblestoned streets of Montmartre, I decided right then and there that I wanted to live in Paris.

I had one more year left of university, so as soon as I got back to Australia, I enrolled at the Alliance Française in St Kilda. I studied there for one year before moving to France.

Despite studying French language for a year, it was only 2 hours a week and together with study and work, I found it difficult to really immerse myself in the language and it was confronting once I arrived in France and was surrounded by it. I am also a shyer type of person and back in those days, I really struggled with feeling confident with my French.

The Alliance Française in Melbourne organised a home stay with a French family for the first month, which really helped me improve my level of French combined with he classes that I was taking.

I am going to expand this section of my blog to providing assistance and guidance with the bureaucracy of coming to live in France as it really is overwhelming.

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